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The Tin Man is a mini-boss, which constantly alternates between charging with it's arms rotating and shooting of a green laser. It is tiny compared to a vast amount of others in the game, yet relatively simple to beat.


What is known about this first level mini-boss, is that it was sent by the FBI in an attempt to stop the alien progressing further into the level. It acts a precursor for the following boss.


This boss is only seen in the first level of 1-1, in front of the 'Steakery Cakery', near the fence with the newgrounds symbol.


This boss is incredibly predictable. To start things off, he will charge to the other side of the screen, arms flailing about. Start by jumping up onto the green awning first, then ducking and firing at the robot. Jump over it as it runs back to the right. When its on the right again, jump down to the ground and fire madly at it. (Once on the sill of the central building; you will still have to leap in the air to avoid getting whacked.)

Once he's back on the right side of the screen again, a cannon will emerge from his metallic head.  A green laser will shoot up at its head.  When it finishes jump back on the green awning, as the laser will then fire on ground level. The robot will then get up, and run to the le
Charging Tin Man

Charging Tin Man

ft, then back right, and shoot his laser. When the Tin Man crouches, jump back up onto the sill before the cannon goes off.

He then runs to the left, thus repeating the simplistic process over again. He will glow green and speed up his attacks once losing three quarters of his health, so you'll have to be more alert once the time comes. 

That's his entire pattern so just keep up the strategy above to win in no time. 


Alien Hominid Figurines

Alien Hominid Figurines

File:Alien Hominid Xbox Live Gameplay - First Boss

Trivia  Edit

  • This boss was made into a figurine along with the main alien, an FBI agent and 'Synji'. 
  • The same boss can be seen on the front cover of the GBA version, along with the main boss for the first level. 
  • He is the first ever (mini) boss to be seen in the game.
  • In The GBA Version of the game in 3-2, he is seen again except he is green. It's assumed that it was repaired by Area 51 or a new one.