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This enemy, namely Rammer Bot, is a mini-boss, primarily focused on pummeling it's victim with revolving arms, and pacing up and down the screen in pursuit of it's victim. It is believed by many to be one of the least demanding obstacles in the game.

Background Edit

The 2nd mini-boss is another machine dispatched by the FBI with the intention of halting the alien, and is shortly followed by another boss after.

Involvement Edit

This boss is depicted in level 1-4, past the 'Krappy Cone' and caution light, in the midst of 'Dolphin Park', which bears two prominently placed light-posts.

Strategy Edit

Much like the 'Tin Man' from the first level of the game, this mini-boss is reasonably straightforward in defeating. The Rammer Bot likes to charge a lot- and if he manages to grab you, he will punch you repeatedly until death, splattering green alien blood in a sub par graphic scene. With that being said, jump over him and fire downwards whenever he runs at you- he will turn quickly around, so get ready to leap over his head again.

After a couple dashes at you he gets tired out, and takes a break, (you will have to jump over him nearly non-stop until he finally gets winded and has to pause) so use this opening to pelt him with your ray gun, taking time to land a good number of hits before it chases you again. Shoot him as much as you can when he's taking a break.

It will regain composure and start to charge at you again. Make sure to time your jumps, because if he seizes you, you're done for. (Mind that you attempt to escape underground during this particular stage, as he will not hesitate to merely pluck you from the earth in order to pound you further).

Keep on leaping over him and try to ignore the agents until he gets tired again; blast away. It may very well be the most linear process with a boss yet!

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