Boris is a Soviet Russian general who launched an enormous missile intending to destroy North America, however, Alien Hominid accidentally got in the way and was shot down (Again). He is first introduced in the cutscene following up level 2-1, and is later seen throughout all of the Russia controlling robots, throwing barrels at you, controlling a crane on a train, laughing at you then retreating, and, eventually taking you on a second time in your spaceship, only with upgrades added to it As A Boss.

Vital statistics
Title General
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction KGB
Health Unkown
Level 2-1, 2-3, 2-4
Status Deceased
Location Russia

Backstory Edit


Boris is the KGB General Of Russia who controls robots and KGB Soliders Against His Enemies. Boris's Plan was to launch a gaint missle to destroy North America. He failed as Alien Hominid Got In His way and the miss shot him down instead of destroying North America. When he encountered Alien Hominid, he stole his spaceship as Alien Hominid killed his KGB Forces and His robots. Then In 2-5, He fights Alien Hominid In Alien Hominid's Spaceship with more guns.

Walkthrough Edit

Boris can easily kill you fast, by shooting you and using his saw technique. Boris is not much of a threat as long as the player stays clear of the Lazer in space. The best strategy is to use charged shots. Keep doing this until he's at very low health, then finish him off with your ray gun.

Defeat Edit

When he is defeated, A Cutscene will show Boris eject from Alien Hominid's Spaceship then launching a parachute and floating down safely and laughing at the player then A Hawk Carries Him and drops him into the Saw area, where the player got through earlier in the level and meets end as the conveyer belt moves him into a saw, shredding him. Then Cutting back to Alien Hominid as he escapes in his spaceship.

Trivia 1. reason why Boris Being Shredded Is censored is because it is very graphic or violent or mostly gore, you can hear him being shredded, however. 2. GBA Advance version of the game, Boris only appears in level 2-1 and in level 2-3. Oddly, he doesn't die.

Gp borispack
Parachuting Boris
Boris Scared
Boris Captured