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The Baron Butterscotch, (or Blob Ross) is a monster boss formed of butterscotch pudding, after the alien destroys 2 nuclear power plant towers, and releases chemical substances into the domain of the pudding. It is a quite big in comparison to the alien, but can be taken down via usage of the fire hydrant below it.

Background Edit

The third official boss of the game, was unlike it's predecessors, caused seemingly by accident- created via a mixture of chemical elements and instant pudding, when the alien shot the FBI's tanks with his gun, setting of the explosion that would create this enemy.

Involvement Edit

The blob is depicted at the climax of level 1-3, being the final obstacle in completing that level, following the 2 nuclear cooling plants and the 'Eat Your Instant Pudding' signage, the building being adjacent to a traffic light with the word 'Butterscotch' on it.

Strategy Edit

A pudding store will blow up, and after marveling at the destruction of the building, out comes a gargantuan blob of mutated butterscotch pudding! With an intent to kill and thus devour you, the slime monster may look daunting, however generally speaking, can be quite docile and even easy to beat- once you figure out how to hurt the banshee. 

A crashed traffic signal is like a staircase leading to Baron Butterscotch's head, Avoid even walking on it, because if you get close to his head, he will stuff his face with your alien hide. The pudding best also shoots globs of himself to your side of the screen, which land and turn into little globule hands. Stray away from them as well before they strangle you. 

Destroy the hands by ducking and firing, then aim at the fire hydrant right under him. There are two ways to hurt the pudding boss: The first and common way is to shoot the fire hydrant, which in turn shoots water at him. Near later portions of the fight, Baron Butterscotch will smarten up and occasionally cover up the hydrant with his hand, so take some time to kill the butterscotch blobs and FBI agents when he does that. 

The alternate way of damaging him would work best if you're really lucky, or if you're in co-op mode: When the pudding boss gets hit by water from the hydrant, quickly go up the traffic signal to the top of his head, jump onto it and bite him as many times as you can before he shakes you off.

The boss also spews pudding at a diagonal line towards you and onto the pole. When it looks like he's going to cough something up, that's your cue to watch out. Get off of the pole if you're on it and stay close to the far left side of the screen. (When it fires a blast of goo at you, it should give you adequate time to dodge, keeping the behemoth at bay.)

This boss battle can be frustrating since you're constantly avoiding pudding hands, raining blobs, and agent gunfire from afar. Always stay crouched when firing to ensure near-perfect protection.

Eventually, the water will prove to be too much for Baron Butterscotch and the battle will end.